Agrichem Australia Responds to Nutrien Ltd. Acquisition of Agrichem Brazil

Yatala, Australia, February 2, 2018


Agrichem Australia is delighted to hear the recent news that Nutrien Ltd. has entered into an agreement to acquire Agrichem Brazil and would like to respond to speculation that this may affect operations in Australia and other international markets.


At this juncture, Agrichem Australia would like to make clear that the acquisition will not affect business operations as the two companies are wholly separate owned entities.


Whilst the Agrichem Brazil brand was established by Agrichem Australia, it was sold privately in 2011 and has had no direct business affiliation with Agrichem Australia in the following years. While the Brazilian company does hold many of the same product licences and technologies as Agrichem Australia did in 2011, Agrichem Australia’s constant drive to innovate and improve their products has led to two distinctly different businesses in the current day, both with specific offerings.


Agrichem Australia expects this interest in plant health, inorganic fetilisers, bio stimulants and health inductors will in fact support its own growth efforts. The reselling of the business to Nutrien (one of the world’s largest crop nutrition companies) is a testament to Agrichem’s product efficacy and the business’ viability as a major player in the global marketplace. Agrichem Australia considers this acquisition to be indicative of the value of the work and products that they strive to provide to customers all around the world.


Constant product development is just one element of Agrichem’s mission to support farmers in working farms ethically, sustainably and with maximum efficacy. The business is heavily invested in finding solutions that yield better results for farmers, with less impact to the environment and to consumers.


About Agrichem


Established on the 31st October, 1986 and widely regarded as the pioneer of liquid nutrition innovation in Australia, Agrichem produces a vast range of Specialty Liquid Fertilisers, Soluble Solids, Plant Health Formulas and Adjuvants that have re-enforced our reputation as the supplier of choice for astute growers domestically and internationally.


Agrichem's unparalleled experience and technical expertise garnered through decades of close collaboration with farmers, dealers and researchers has resulted in the development of unique, premium quality products.

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Mike Dobbins

Managing Director