Introducing Vicentia

One of the major changes that you are going to see from a business perspective as we embark on our mission to introduce the world to our new technologies is that we won’t be doing it under the Agrichem name. For over 30 years, Agrichem has been a name associated with innovation, with efficient and sustainable liquid fertilisers. We’ve built a great brand that people have a great deal of trust in with Agrichem and we have no desire to change that. This is why, when given the opportunity to update the Agrichem logo and brand last year, we instead chose to continue with a logo, name and look that means so much to so many.

That being said, the new technologies that we are entering into the market are not liquid fertilisers and shouldn’t be sold by a company that is known for producing liquid fertilisers. These are products that we’ve never sold before and that need to stand on their own. As such, we will be spinning up 4 new sibling brands to Agrichem, each of which will deal with a different technology, a different audience and a different range of products. This ‘family’ of brands will function in much the same way as Johnson & Johnson, or Nestle do; a house of different brands that are all related through one major parent brand. Today I want to introduce to that new parent brand: Vicentia.

Vicentia will be representative of a new mission to feed the world, sustainably. It will be a brand that consumers all around the world can associate with quality produce, free from harmful chemicals. It will be a public facing brand moreso than Agrichem, our link to the everyday shoppers that are buying produce grown and treated with our products, both the liquid fertilisers of Agrichem and the upcoming products of the other sibling brands.

A major part of shifting the agricultural industry in the direction of safer, more effective growing practices will be educating consumers on what they need to be looking for in their produce and expecting from their supermarkets. This will be the role Vicentia plays in the grand scheme, to be the trustworthy source of information on where our produce comes from, who grows it and what it takes to provide quality food. The name ‘Vicentia’ is an amalgamation of three Latin words; Vita (Life), Victus (Sustenance) and Scentia (Science). It is a name that describes the goal of the company and all of its children brands – life and sustenance through scientific innovation.

If you want to learn more about Vicentia or our other upcoming sub-brands or you want to keep on top of the content that we will soon be releasing from Vicentia for the public, head to our website at As we begin to spread word publicly, this will also be the first stop for any inquiries, so feel free to share it.

Finally, as our other brands begin to spin up, we’ll be talking more on how Vicentia will function in terms of staffing and other internal matters so keep an eye out for that.

The launch of Vicentia represents our first major move into the future of the Agricultural industry, one that we are going to help define with our new technology and new products. I expect that in the next few years, Vicentia is going to become a household name for product conscious consumers all around the world, so I hope you’re as excited as I am to be on board.


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