Introducing The New Brands

In an email last week, I spoke about the launch of Vicentia, our new parent company, and what that would mean for Agrichem. In that email, I spoke of how Agrichem would be joined by new sibling brands that are each going to focus on a new aspect of the agriculture industry, allowing us to diversify into new areas. Today, I’d like to introduce you to the other four members of the Vicentia family; Eden Organic, Artemis CRT, Steward Systems and Pastore.

Artemis CRT is going to change the world. There are no two ways about that. Artemis CRT uses predatory bacteria and fungi as a chemical replacement – the world’s first truly viable alternative to chemical pesticides, fungicides and insecticides. That’s where the CRT in the name comes from – Chemical Replacement Technology. No pesticides means cleaner, healthier produce, less risk to consumers, cheaper processes for farmers, and longer-term solutions that don’t require ever increasing amounts of poison.

Eden Organic is the other side of the coin to Agrichem’s liquid fertiliser focus. All of Eden Organic’s fertiliser products will be entirely organic and chemical free, but still strive to give farmers a quality product, in quantities that are commercially viable. This means better, safer produce and more options for the consumer.

Pastore takes the lessons and knowledge learned from the chemical-free solutions of Artemis CRT, and applies them to animal health. With the goal of eliminating the animal husbandry and livestock industries reliance on antibiotics, Pastore will be a major name in animal health. Much like the benefits Artemis CRT brings to produce, Pastore will ensure healthier animal products for consumers, as well as more effective treatments for farmers.

Steward Systems is a brand that has already begun work, though it is still in the early stages. Every farmer in the modern Agriculture industry feels the pressure to become more efficient, to run their farm more and more like a business in order to maximise their profit. Steward Systems will provide the automation and management tools to make this possible, allowing farmers to focus on productivity. As we move into an increasingly connected, digital world, Steward Systems will ensure our farmers aren’t left behind and can keep pace.

Now this has just been a brief glimpse into what each of these brands will be bringing to the table. In the coming weeks, I’ll be sending you more emails that go into more depth about what these brands represent, the products they’ll be selling and the thinking behind their names and ethos. For now, hopefully you can see that each of these brands is a branch, growing alongside Agrichem, out of the tree that is Vicentia. Together, the Vicentia family will offer solutions across major segments of the agriculture industry, and represent a major player in all of them.


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