Introducing Steward Systems and Pastore

The final two brands that will be launching under the Vicentia umbrella are Steward Systems and Pastore. One of these, Steward Systems, is already in testing and has been for a while now, while Pastore is still several years away. As with Artemis CRT and Eden Organic, these brands have been put together with the intention of making radical changes to the agricultural (and in the case of Pastore, the livestock and animal husbandry) industries.

Steward Systems

For many years now, the business of farming has been creeping more towards ‘business’ than ‘farming’. As the scale of production increases and computer systems become more advanced and easily accessible, the day-to-day of a farmer is shifting from the physical act of growing to the management of systems that facilitate growing. Steward Systems is producing the automated systems that are going to run the farms of the future, allowing farmers to focus on the business side of running their farms.

Steward Systems has 3 specific goals: reducing wastage, improving the scalability of farming operations and increasing the quantity of saleable produce. The automations that Steward Systems will introduce to farms will mean more efficient growing practices and for the farmers, more valuable farms.

Spanning physical automated machinery, information systems, software and more, Steward Systems will be there to assist in every facet of farm operation, leading to a effective, efficient farm management and growth.


Just as Artemis CRT will be changing the landscape when it comes to replacing chemical pesticides, insecticides, fungicides and more in crops, Pastore seeks to do the same for our livestock and animal husbandry industries. These industries face many of the same issues and roadblocks – current medicines are losing effectivity and creating superbugs that are resistant to the medicines we use. This is especially true of antibiotic resistance, which is creating superbugs that threaten humans as well, passing into the population via meat consumed.

Using the same technology at use within Artemis CRT, Pastore will be developing chemical replacement technologies that are an organic, effective solution to disease and illness in fauna. With a far stronger success rate, no risk of resistance, no effect of the health of the animal nor the animal product which it has been raised for, Pastore will redefine the land scape of animal health. Through this, Pastore also hopes to curb the increasing danger posed by the superbugs that are the by-product of ineffective and dangerous antibiotic use on animal products.

Much like the pro-biotic revolution introduced the world to the benefits of positive micro-organisms, the predatory nature of Pastore’s CRT products will have an impact that pushes beyond just agriculture and animal health, but will change the way consumers look at, and what they expect from, animal products.

Pastore will be the last of the new brands to become active and spin up, as there is significant testing as I’m sure everyone can imagine. That being said, Vicentia is. Looking to and planning for the future, a future that will be largely defined by our products and technologies.

Keep an eye on the horizon for these products, I’m sure you’ll see them coming.


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