Introducing Artemis CRT & Eden Organic

Artemis CRT and Eden Organic are the first two brands that we are going to be discussing in detail as an introduction to the upcoming sub-brands that will be rolled out under the Vicentia Banner.

Artemis CRT
Firstly, the CRT in Artemis CRT is an acronym that stands for ‘Chemical Replacement Technology’. This moniker is not just a descriptor, but also indicated just what it is that makes Artemis special – it will be the product that will replace chemical pesticide, insecticide, fungicide and more.

While biological pest control has been a topic of discussion for a while now, the technologies that are being developed by Artemis CRT will be the fore runners that begin changing the way we grow food. Revolution is coming – consumers are no longer content with mass produced produce with chemical residue that only just qualifies for sale under supermarket MRL’s. The impacts on the quality of the food and more importantly, consumers health are becoming serious, with increases in illness and disease due to the toxins present in the food we eat.

The solution? Development of biological organisms that have been epigenetically modified to hunt and kill pests, bacteria, fungus and insects. These organisms are introduced to crops where they prey upon the pest or disease present, attacking and killing only what they’ve been bred to kill. This means crops free of pests and disease, without any of the contamination that can be expected from a chemical-based solution, no effect on other essential life in the crop such as beneficial bacteria and insect life, zero risk of resistance and consistent efficiency.

One of the major issues with current pest control solutions is that over time, the bugs, diseases and pests that are being treated are building up an immunity to our current pest-control options. With chemical replacement technology such as ours, this risk is entirely mitigated, as there is no way for a pest to become resistant to being hunted. Likewise, the pest can’t pass any form of resistance to its children, meaning no more superbugs that are impervious to multiple control methods, and a longer period of effectiveness. This predatory nature is where the name Artemis CRT comes from – Artemis was the Roman Goddess of the Hunt, of Animals and Wilderness.

I am not being hyperbolic when I say that the technology that Artemis CRT will be bringing to the world is going to have a huge, international impact – watch this space.

Eden Organic
While Agrichem has sold extremely effective and successful liquid fertilisers for over 30 years now, there is one aspect of the fertiliser market that requires something a little different. The last few years have seen a massive increase in the desire for organic, chemical free produce, from a public that is becoming increasingly aware of the chemicals that go into the agricultural process. Eden Organic is an opportunity to produce quality, organic fertilisers that don’t compromise on quality or yield, without the risk of confusion with Agrichem’s liquid products.

A lot of the hesitance to adopting organic fertiliser options before now have been three-fold; the products are very expensive, the quality of the food grown can’t compete with chemically assisted produce and the yield that is able to be sold at the end is significantly reduced. Eden Organic wants to tackle all three of these issues and give farmers all around the world a viable, organic alternative to chemical fertilisers.

The goal with Eden Organic is to make organic agriculture a potential method for commercial farming, meaning more healthy, organic produce available at cheaper prices for consumers. This means more profit and less wastage for farmers and better options in our supermarkets.

Just as innovation defined Agrichem, it will also define Eden Organic. The reason we’ve chosen to separate the liquid from the organic is one of messaging – rather than have Agrichem, a company known for its inorganic, liquid fertilisers attempt to become well known for a new type of product, it makes more sense to us to have two separate but equal entities. This limits the effect either brands products can have on the other.

Much like Artemis CRT, we expect Eden Organic to redefine the Agriculture industry in the coming years, and to usher in a new, more sustainable age of produce.

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