Environmental Promise


Since its inception in the early 80’s, sustainability has always been a major factor for Agrichem both as a business, and in the efficiency and quality of its products. From the production process, to our logistical processes of management, storage and transport, Agrichem has always ensured that we operate in an environmentally-minded, sustainable, efficient way.

Agrichem’s Mission has always been:

To feed and nourish the world, sustainably.

True progress towards a world with beyond our current food issues and concerns cannot be achieved without first finding a way to farm at the scale necessitated by the modern world, without damaging the complex ecosystems that are essential to the natural process. Our tagline, ‘Yield through Innovation’ is an indication of how we choose to address the current state of the agricultural industry – our focus is to promote yield, to help farmers grow quality food at larger scales, through innovation and development as opposed to ultimately destructive, short term wins that prioritise results over our environmental responsibilities.

With increasing regulation by both governments and consumer advocacy groups worldwide on chemical use in the growing process, Agrichem is on the forefront of developing and providing products that will maintain quality and quantity without adversely affecting the environment. As our dependence on Nitrogen and Phosphorous heavy fertilisers increases (the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations estimated the world demand for nitrogen fertilisers increased by 1.7% annually between 2011 and 2015, equivalent to an increase of 7.5 million tonnes), leaching and runoff move from being risks, to an unavoidable by-product of extensive fertiliser use. Agrichem is seeking to provide a solution to this practice and inevitable problem, with current patents for the next generation of ever more efficient inorganic fertilisers.

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Mike Dobbins
Chief Executive Officer