Innovation. Quality. Heritage. Trust



As a proud long established Australian manufacturer we at Agrichem believe that quality and yield have never been more critical than in today's high-demand, low margin environment. ROI is key. Maximization of opportunities is essential and only the highest quality inputs can achieve the highest quality outcomes.


Established on the 31st October, 1986 and widely regarded as the pioneer of liquid nutrition innovation in Australia, Agrichem produces a vast range of Specialty Liquid Fertilisers, Soluble Solids, Plant Health Formulas and Adjuvants that have re-enforced our reputation as the supplier of choice for astute growers domestically and internationally.


Agrichem's unparalleled experience and technical expertise garnered through decades of close collaboration with farmers, dealers and researchers has resulted in the development of unique, premium quality products.



What sets Agrichem apart from the Competition?



The rejuvenation of Agrichem's fundamental traditional values and methodologies are evident in our committed shift from an anecdotal approach to one of scientifically verified data that is beyond reproach. Agrichem's extensive and expansive field trial work delivers statistically sound data able to withstand the most stringent scrutiny - a proven success formula for efficacy and efficiency.


Despite Australian regulatory standards for fertilisers being amongst the least rigorous in the world, farmers are experiencing an ever-increasing demand for high quality produce. The continued desire to enhance our knowledge base and offerings through highly innovative products makes Agrichem the ideal partner for dealers and growers looking to stay ahead of the pack.


With operations around the world including Fluence in the US and Fluagri in Latin America, along with Agrichem solutions produced under license in Brazil and state-of-the-art-manufacturing facilities in Australia, Agrichem is a true global business distributing to over 30 countries across 5 continents.




Speed to Market



Agrichem's commitment to its philosophy in innovation has resulted in continued ongoing investment, including more than $11 million over the past 4 years in R&D, fully-automated manufacturing plant, and sales and support infrastructure to ensure seamless, timely and cost-effective delivery process from factory to farm.




Redefining the Parameters of Innovation




Agrichem's focus on investment has resulted in a pipeline of innovation through, crop modeling, management automation, nutrient application, new irrigation technologies, measurement technologies, and the introduction of cutting edge surfactants, fungicides, adjuvants and wetters. From our foliar suspension products through to our soil applied solutions, Agrichem is the tried, proven and trusted source of products that have delivered consistent and comprehensive results.


Agrichem's commitment to stay ahead of the curve is evident in our new patented nano-particle micro-nutrient range. In the quest to develop products that deliver quantifiable gains in growers' production capabilities, Agrichem has partnered with The University of Queensland in a four-year project to develop various particles that enable more efficient micro-nutrient delivery for plants. These products will be launched in the Australian market in the coming season.


Along with the vast range of locally developed products, Agrichem has secured exclusive licensing deals to locally manufacture a host of unique, patented, IP Protected products from around the globe.


Through the success of superior crop performance, plant protection, nutrient application and services, Agrichem's evolution has further galvanizing our hard earned status as one of the world's leading manufacturers and supplier of Specialty Liquid Fertilisers, Water Soluble Fertilisers, Plant Health Formulas and Adjuvants.