A New Website for Agrichem

One of the first things you’d have noticed after my first email last week is the new site on which you’re reading these blogs. Our plans to create these new brands haven’t been made to the detriment of Agrichem at all; in fact Agrichem will be the powerhouse that drives the changes that we’re making. When we sat down and assessed what Agrichem needed to ensure it remains relevant and effective in the coming years, the first major change we settled on was the redevelopment of the website.

Those of you that spent any time on our former website will remember that while it got the job done, it was undeniably out-of-date, was not particularly user friendly, and most importantly,  did not stand up to comparison with some of our major competitors. While our website has remained unchanged for a long time, much of our competition has ensured that their online presence is helpful, effective and user-friendly.

As such, Agrichem has followed suit, and launched a new site that gives visitors a significantly better experience, allows us to share more and is all wrapped in a modern look that is on-par with the rest of the industry.

To quickly run you through what you’ll find on the site;

On the home page, you’ll find the opportunity to search through our product catalogue, either by category, or through searching by clicking the ‘Search’ button. We can also feature products, for example new products going to market, or season specific products that we want to remind our visitors of. Further down the page, we give visitors the opportunity to contact with our customer service team, making things easier for people to learn what they need to.

The About pages give visitors a glimpse into what sets Agrichem apart, and our Environmental Promise; an important statement given the industry we’re in and our desire to become more sustainable.

Our Product Listing page gives a breakdown of our products by category, allowing visitors to see the full scope of what Agrichem offers. Each individual page informs a visitor about what a product does and how, gives access to the Product Information Sheet and offers access to the SDS (if they’re willing to pass on some information).

As part of the Contact pages, we use maps on both the domestic and international levels to show the regions in which we operate and the best form of contact for those regions – clicking the pins will open up a contact information pop-up. We also provide contact information for Domestic Managers and our International Contacts.

All of this has been done because we want Agrichem to not just be an industry leader in liquid fertilisers, but also to be considered as one of the brands on the cutting edge, a brand that is looking to the future and planning ahead. This site is a promise that Agrichem is going to continue being the flagship brand that we’re all proud to be a part of, even as we spin up it’s sibling brands.


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